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The First 25 Years


In the first ten years of business Batavia Electric Supply made big moves.  Stephen and Shirley started selling light fixtures out of a building on their farm.  In just a few short years they expanded to Keane Coal and Lumber.  Once they outgrew that location they relocated to Main Street in downtown Batavia (which is now part of Grammas Pizza).  Stephen and Shirley also rented the space above the business which is where they kept their inventory.


In December of 1976, Batavia Electric opened their doors in a new building.  They spent their Thanksgiving moving from the Main Street location to the current location (300 W. Main Street).  This is where Stephen and Shirley spent time expanding their clientele.  They worked hard to have a successful business.  


Shirley and Stephen both worked two jobs just so they could live out their dream.  In the early years, Shirley would look after the children as well as work at Batavia Electric.  Stephen would spend his days at Batavia Electric and then worked the night shift at GE.  In 1987, Stephen retired from GE after working there for 40 years.  This gave him more time to spend at Batavia Electric. 



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